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A survival TPP action-adventure game in which we find ourselves in a deserted archipelago in a fantasy world. Playing the role of a warrior named Kara, we travel between the islands on a self-constructed boat and explore their many secrets.

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Windbound is a survival game enriched with elements taken from such genres as RPGs, adventures, and even roguelike productions. The title was developed by the independent team of 5 Lives Studios, which previously created the warmly received Satellite Reign, and was released by Deep Silver.


The main character of Windbound is a fighter named Kara. During a massive storm, the protagonist is separated from her tribe and ends up in a deserted archipelago known as the Forbidden Islands. Although from now on, its main goal is to survive in this picturesque, although not very friendly, corner of the world, with time our client begins to discover the ruins of the civilization that lived there centuries ago, and to explore its many secrets.


In Windbound we observe the action from the third person perspective (TPP). The authors provide us with a vast open world, which consists of various islands. Interestingly, the map is procedurally generated, so it looks different each time you start playing.

Our main goal during the game is to fight for survival. When traveling through the forbidden islands, Kara must not only provide herself with food, but also obtain various resources. The latter are needed both to create new tools and weapons (such as a bow or spear with which to hunt animals or defend against their attacks), and to construct new boats and improve existing ones. Although at the beginning of the struggle, the protagonist only has a small lifeboat, with time she gets access to larger and more advanced units, which are not afraid of hurricanes raging at sea, high waves, and even aggressive sea animals.

Thanks to this, as she progresses, Kara can venture to more and more distant islands. On each of them, the girl will find a different fauna and flora, sources of new raw materials, as well as numerous ruins. The latter conceal answers to questions about the past and future of the archipelago and are the key to finding its way back home.

Technical issues

The three-dimensional graphics of Windbound are kept in a colorful, cartoon style evoking associations with the visual sphere of the best-selling The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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