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Vaporum: Lockdown

A prequel to a successful dungeon crawler from 2017. The action of the game takes place in a steampunk universe full of all kinds of threats. Vaporum: Lockdown offers a range of new enemies and tactical options. Developers from Fatbot Games studio are responsible for the production.

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Vaporum: Lockdown Full Version is an RPG game belonging to the subgenre of dungeon crawler – the creators were inspired by, among others Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder and Legend of Grimrock series. The production is a prequel to Vaporum released in 2017 – its action takes place in the same steampunk universe. The authors of the previous part, i.e. the independent studio Fatbot Games, are responsible for the development and release of this title.

Vaporum: Lockdown


The action of the game is set in a world where advanced steam technology plays a significant role (we are talking about things such as steam power armor). The scenario shows the events that took place before the previous game – we get a chance to learn new things about the world and heroes.


Vaporum: Lockdown Crack is the so-called dungeon crawler. This means that we observe the action from the first person perspective and control the team of heroes. Our task is to traverse the location, fight monsters and acquire new items, and gradually discover the scenario developed by the creators. It is worth noting that we move “in leaps” (pressing a key or button moves us forward a specific distance) and we can only rotate by 90 degrees.

The game is based on a real-time combat system, but we have the option to pause the action to reflect on our next step. In production, you can find a wide range of enemies (with specific weak and strong points) and weapons, but the key role here is played by expanding the exoskeletons (power armor) of our heroes, which we can equip with new gadgets. It is worth noting that their use requires energy, so we must not do it lightly. We also have the option of acquiring new abilities and armor functions – we use a material called fumium, which we collect from the bodies of defeated enemies.

The production also includes numerous logical puzzles, often requiring you to travel across the entire map. Among the challenges there are those that were not in the previous section.

Game modes

In Vaporum: Lockdown Torrent we can only play alone. The basis of the game is the story campaign.

Technical issues

Vaporum: Lockdown Download has attractive, three-dimensional graphics. The creators took care of the high level of detail of the location and encountered heroes and monsters. The atmosphere, which is often closer to horror productions, also makes a very good impression. At the same time, however, the production is distinguished by an unusual, steampunk style.

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