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Unbound: Worlds Apart

Production of the metroidvania type, carried out in the convention of a platform game. In Unbound: Worlds Apart we play the role of a hooded salt; he can summon portals that create “bubbles” of alternative reality around him, thanks to which he copes with various problems.

Unbound: Worlds Apart is a metroidvania production made in the convention of a platform game. The title was developed by the independent Romanian team Alien Pixel Studios.

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Unbound: Worlds Apart takes us on a journey to the fantastic world of Vaiya, where magical portals allow you to travel between distant lands. His fate hung in the balance when evil forces invaded him and the old magicians proved too weak to face them. During the game, we play the role of a hooded Soli who is eager for revenge after losing his brother. The protagonist must do everything in his power to find a way to repel the invasion and restore order and order to Vaiya.

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In Unbound: Worlds Apart, the action is shown from the side. Traveling through the stages, we come across various puzzles, terrain obstacles and enemies. As Soli is not a seasoned warrior, he copes with adversities by summoning portals to other lands. In this way, it creates around itself a kind of “bubbles” of alternative reality, in which the laws of physics change, as does the construction of individual levels. Most often it causes another obstacle to appear in the place of one obstacle after the portal is summoned; for example, instead of a terrifying monster, we will see a stone pillar that Soli has to jump over, or a chasm that requires him to climb over the ceiling.

As we progress, we gain access to new types of portals, so from time to time it is worth returning to already visited locations to discover previously missed secrets. In addition, the wider and wider range of our possibilities is reflected in more complex challenges – from complex puzzles, through more difficult obstacles, to boss battles.

Technical issues

The colorful, hand-drawn graphics of Unbound: Worlds Apart are pleasing to the eye.

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