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Soldat 2

A 2D shooter which is a direct continuation of the popular title from 2002 – Soldat. The game emphasizes multiplayer. Responsible for its development is the Polish independent developer Michał “MM” Marcinkowski (belongs to the Transhuman Design studio, which is responsible for the release of the game).

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Soldat 2 is a two-dimensional shooter that is a continuation of the popular Soldat from 2002. The production offers single- and multiplayer modes and emphasizes additional content created by users. The title was developed by Michał “MM” Marcinkowski from the Polish independent studio Transhuman Design (we are talking about the authors of the successful shooter Butcher and the action game King Arthur’s Gold). The mentioned company is also the publisher of the game.

Soldat 2 Download PC


In Soldat 2 Cracked, we observe the game world from the side – from the so-called side-scroll perspective. The player’s primary task is to eliminate the enemies on the other side (both in terms of the team and the board, although you can move around the levels quite freely). The clashes take place on randomly generated boards (several types of levels are available, which differ from each other, e.g. in terms of appearance).

For some modes, we have the option to define the class of the character we are leading. This defines the available skills and weapons. In other cases, all heroes follow exactly the same rules. We can also partially adjust the appearance of the hero, as well as the equipment he uses. While playing, we also come across vehicles and we can even partially destroy the board. The most important thing here, however, is undoubtedly dexterity and intuition.

An important feature of Soldat 2 Download Free is support for mods and user-generated content – we have a fully functional level editor here.

Game modes

In Soldat 2 we can play both alone and with others. The basis of the game, however, is the online multiplayer mode. There are three modules here – classic, class-based, and experimental / sandbox. It is worth noting that the creators of Soldat 2 Torrent took care of dedicated servers for the network multiplayer mode to provide players with the best conditions for competition.

Technical issues

Soldat 2 Crack has an interesting graphic design, which was realized in the so-called 2.5D convention. This means that although the gameplay takes place in two dimensions, the graphics contain three-dimensional elements, thanks to which the boards give the impression of depth, and the character models are better animated. The lighting effects accompanying various explosions and shots of individual heroes are also solid.

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