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A Polish walking brawl in which we play the role of ninja warriors fighting Yokai monsters. Shing! offers a flexible combat system and a lot of spectacular action. The independent studio Mass Creation is responsible for the creation and release of the game.

Shing! is a spectacular, walking fight in which we play the role of ninja warriors who are hunters of mythical beasts called Yokai. The production offers a quite extensive combat system and an effective, three-dimensional setting. In addition to the single player mode, we also get a four-person cooperation module. The title was developed and published by the Polish studio Mass Creation (known from Draw Slasher and Run Like Hell!).


In Shing! We play the role of a demon hunter called Yokai, who tries to find the mythical Starseed.


Shing! is a classic walking fight in which the action is observed from the side – from the so-called side-scroll perspective. The game is about traversing the location and eliminating enemies. During the game, we visit a number of different locations – we move, among others through neon-lit cities, ruins of ancient civilizations and dangerous, misty swamps.

We start the game by choosing one of the four heroes, but while playing, we can freely switch between them. Each of the heroes has specific characteristics, special attacks, animations and weapons – for example, Tetsuo uses a katana, Wilhelm uses an ax, and Bichiko keeps enemies at bay by bending.

The combat system of the production in question allows e.g. to dodge, as well as to parry and counter attacks made by enemies. The control model has also been designed in an interesting way – the left analog stick on the pad allows us to move, while the right one offers immediate access to various moves that we can freely combine into combinations.

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Besides the usual opponents in Shing! we have to face the bosses from time to time. To defeat them, you need to use the right tactics.

Game modes

In Shing! we can play alone or with others. The game offers a single player mode, but if we want, we can invite three other players to play, to play with them together as part of the cooperative module. It is worth noting that you can play in a group both locally (on a shared screen) and using the Internet.

Technical issues

Shing! it has a nice, three-dimensional graphic design, which is characterized by high spectacularity. The models of the heroes are carefully animated, and their attacks effectively dismember the opponents. The detailed locations and lighting effects also make a great impression. The art style is very colorful and cartoon-like, but it should be noted that the game is really brutal and bloody, so it is not suitable for the youngest players.

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