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Serious Sam 4

Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass

Another full-fledged installment in the series of old-school shooters by the Croatian studio Croteam. The action of Serious Sam 4 takes place before the events of the third part, and the fun still boils down to eliminating hordes of enemies.

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Serious Sam 4 Cracked is the next full-fledged installment of a series of extremely bloody and dynamic first-person shooters, the first two installments of which – both remastered almost a decade later to HD – debuted on the market in 2001-2002. The Croatian studio Croteam is responsible for the creation of the title, like all the leading parts of the series, which after the success of the first-person puzzle game The Talos Principle decided to return to its flagship brand.

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The plot of Serious Sam 4 Torrent was set before the events of the third part of the series, where the title tough guy in the scenery of futuristic Egypt faced the army of the main antagonist of the series, Mental, who wanted to take power over Earth. The number four shows the beginning of the invasion of the cosmic invader who managed to conquer almost the entire planet in no time. The only hope for humanity are the soldiers from the Earth Defense Force under the command of the title Sam, who sets off to fight Mental at the head of a group of unusual commandos.

To write the script for Serious Sam 4 Download Free, Jonas Kyratzes was hired, who collaborated with the Croteam studio on the occasion of the mentioned The Talos Principle. Thanks to this, the story is more expressive than in the previous games, although it is still not the main attraction of the game.


The general mechanics of the game have not changed compared to the previous parts of the Croteam FPS series. So the fun comes down to eliminating hordes of various enemies with a large arsenal of weapons, without any covers or other complications.

We have at our disposal not only well-known weapons (including a minigun and a chainsaw launcher), but also new toys like an automatic shotgun. For balance, the ranks of enemies were bolstered by previously unseen monsters, including powerful Zealots and Processed, who specialize in melee combat. What’s more, the proprietary Legion system allowed the Croteam studio to send huge armies to us. Thanks to this, more than 10,000 enemies can be on the level at the same time. This makes standing still quickly ending in Sam’s death. So we have to constantly move and maneuver between groups of enemies, just like in the Doom series. Clashes with Mental’s troops are facilitated by upgrades, thanks to which we will gain access to homing missiles and a powerful laser cannon.

Game modes

Like the previous installments of the series, Serious Sam 4 Crack allows you to play both alone and in the online co-op mode. The latter allows up to four players to play together as part of main missions and special tasks. To make it too easy, the title adjusts the difficulty level to the number of participants.

Technical issues

Serious Sam 4 is created on the fourth edition of Serious Engine 4 technology, used, among others in The Talos Principle – although to a large extent improved and adapted to the realities of a much more dynamic gameplay. At the same time, the creators decided on a slightly more realistic, but at the same time more colorful visual setting than in the third part of the cycle. For this purpose, techniques such as motion capture or photogrammetry (used, among others, in Polish productions of Ethan Carter and Get Even) were used.

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