Saboteur SiO Download PC Game for Free and Crack

Saboteur SiO

The third installment of an old-school series of platformers from the 80s with a Japanese ninja in the lead role. In this side-scrolled production by Clive Townsend, we sneak through the levels, fight enemies and avoid security systems.

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Saboteur SiO is an action platformer game with stealth elements developed by Clive Townsend in cooperation with the Polish studio SimFabric. It is a continuation of the successful Townsend series, which had two installments in the 1980s, revamped much later by SimFabric.


Saboteur SiO Cracked tells a new story in the Saboteur universe. Once again we play the role of a ninja specializing in sabotage to thwart the plans of the wicked.


Clive Townsend did not try to revolutionize the series, so we get a gameplay that almost does not differ from the classic titles from the 80s. We observe the action from the side, and the character controlled by us traverses subsequent locations, fighting with the enemies we encounter. They have a rich arsenal, including firearms, which will quickly end the hero’s life. So, we must maneuver between enemies and use all available equipment (including shurikens) to emerge victorious from these clashes. In addition, various security systems are located on the boards, which – like in stealth – we neutralize or avoid.

New features in Saboteur SiO Torrent include new levels full of enemies absent from previous installments of the series.

Game modes

Saboteur SiO doesn’t offer much in terms of alternative gameplay variants. The only addition is the lower difficulty level, designed for people unaccustomed to the challenges typical of retro production.

Technical issues

As befits a retro game, the visual setting of Saboteur SiO Download Free is an almost faithful copy of the graphics straight from the original parts of the series. The creators only adapted the whole thing to widescreen screens, and also added special filters imitating the screens of classic consoles. This mainly includes some of the platforms on which the two previous installments of the series were released: ZX Spektrum, Commodore 64, Amstrad and CPC. There is also an option for Game Boy fans and a handful of additional settings for fans of old school graphics.

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