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Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

A space sandbox set in the realities of science fiction, in which we can find elements of RPG and action games. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Cra is a continuation of the 2015 Galaxy Rebel. The independent studio Double Damage Games is responsible for its creation.

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Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Download is a sandbox action game with RPG elements, in which we play the role of a star fighter pilot, who is both a criminal and a smuggler. This title is a prequel to Rebel Galaxy released in 2015 and was developed by the same development studio: Double Damage Games.


The action of the game takes place 34 years before the Galaxy Rebel, in several star systems located slightly closer to Earth. The player takes on the role of Juno Markev – an outlaw smuggler who planned to start a new life, but the events forced her to return to the path of crime. A meeting at a shady bar takes a bad turn, the Juno ship is destroyed and the woman has to pay off a debt to an old friend and owner of a local casino.


Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Full Version is an action game with an open world, in which we pilot a star fighter and explore a large galaxy. There are many tasks waiting for players, both belonging to the main storyline (the production places more emphasis on it than the previous title in the series) and side quests. There are also interesting characters representing various races (we can talk to them thanks to the dialogue system), mini-games and minor activities, such as billiards or dice.

A very important element of the gameplay of Double Damage Games is the combat system. Fighting fighters are spectacular and require a lot of dexterity – but at the same time, the developers made sure that the mechanics governing the fun were much more accessible than in the previous installment.

Game modes

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Download for Free has a single player mode only.

Technical issues

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Torrent has attractive three-dimensional graphics. The galaxy looks very decent, sometimes even breathtaking. Models of planets and star stations as well as an advanced lighting system make a particularly good impression. It is also worth noting that cosmic travels are made more pleasant for us by over 20 hours of stellar radio recordings.

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