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Radical Relocation

Radical Relocation is a logic-arcade game in which we try to move – our task is to properly arrange the belongings on the vehicle and bring it to the place. The production was developed by Winglett Entertainment studio.

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Radical Relocation Crack is a puzzle game in which we play the role of a person trying to move. The production requires the player to find a way through the estate and solve various puzzles based on the principles of physics. Winglett Entertainment studio is responsible for its development. The publisher is Iceberg Interactive.


Radical Relocation Download is a puzzle game in which we observe the action from different perspectives. The main task of the player is to successfully move. This requires loading our belongings on a means of transport (there are over twenty different cars and boats), and then driving / sailing to the designated point.

Radical Relocation

Dealing with this challenge is not as easy as it sounds, as items vary from boxes to things like pianos and basketball baskets and are not necessarily easy to arrange. In addition, belongings easily fall, and the levels have been designed in such a way as to make life even more difficult for the player.

In order to achieve success, you need to properly plan the layout of the facilities on the roof, as well as show impeccable driving skills. We must constantly watch out for obstacles – incl. on water scooters, holes in the road or garbage cans.

Game modes

In Radical Relocation License Key we can only play alone. The basis of the game is the single player mode.

Technical issues

Radical Relocation has average, three-dimensional graphics. The artistic style of this production is not based on realism – both the game world and the objects existing in it, made of less detailed blocks. In combination with expressive, pastel colors, it gives an effect somewhat similar to an animated film.

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