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Pendragon is a narrative tactical strategy set in the realities of Arthurian legends. The player travels around the mythical version of Britain, fights turn-based battles, recruits companions and makes difficult decisions, shaping a highly non-linear story. It is the work of inkle studio (80 Days).

Pendragon Crack is a turn-based strategy game inspired by Arthurian legends. The production was developed by inkle studio, with such games as 80 Days, Heaven’s Vault or the Sorcery! Series.


The action begins in 673. A jealous Sir Mordred dissolves the Knights of the Round Table covenant. King Arthur will have to fight the last war of his life if he wants to save the ideals on which Camelot was built.

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Pendragon Torrent is an unusual strategy focusing on the narrative aspect. When starting the game, we choose one of several characters. Each of them has unique features that affect the story and options available in the game. For example, Morgana le Fay is treacherous, Sir Gawain abuses alcohol, Lancelot still looks at the world like a French, and Queen Guinevere is tormented by the mistakes of the past.

The chosen character sets off on a journey through the mythical version of the seventh-century Britain. Along the way, he carries out tasks, conquers territories and recruits comrades whose characters and abilities change as history unfolds. Battles fought in the turn-based system also play a key role.

Each turn, the player has to make difficult decisions that shape the further development of the story. The scenario is completely non-linear, so that the whole thing can be repeated many times, each time receiving a very different story. Anyone can die, even the character we chose at the beginning. Ultimately, all our choices and actions influence whether Arthur will face Mordred alone or if his companions will support him, thus increasing the chances of the monarch’s victory.

Game modes

Pendragon Download only offers single player mode.

Technical issues

The game offers an attractive graphic design inspired by board games, which was built on the basis of the modernized version of the ink engine, used in the studio’s previous games, as well as in Where The Water Tastes Like Wine.

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