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Paradise Killer

Paradise Killer is an adventure game with many endings in which we try to unravel the mystery of murders on an island detached from reality. The case will be resolved by questioning witnesses, collecting evidence and combining circumstantial evidence.

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Paradise Killer is an open-world detective adventure game. Kaizen Game Works is responsible for the game, and its release is Fellow Traveler, publisher, among others, In Other Waters, The Stilness of the Wind and Genesis Noir.

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The action of the game is set on the Paradise Island located somewhere on the verge of reality, which regenerates itself every few millennia. Its inhabitants are followers of aliens, possessing unique psychic powers that could one day resurrect their fallen deities. This has some consequences: these powers attract the attention of demons, and each such incident poisons the island until it regenerates due to the actions of a special council, and the whole cycle does not repeat itself. The problem is that on the day the island is about to regenerate again, the members of the Council keeping everything in check are murdered. In order to find the perpetrator, the exiled Lady Love Dies is called. This is how the adventure begins, in which our heroine conducts an investigation, traveling through surreal locations in search of clues, but also people whose testimony will help lead to the capture of the guilty. There are several suspects, so depending on what decisions we make and what conclusions we come to, we will see a different ending at the end.


Paradise Killer is a production that combines an adventure game with RPG elements, in which we travel through the open world seen from the first person perspective. Discovering various locations will bring us closer to the history of the world, but also allow you to unlock hidden locations by solving puzzles. Above all, however, we must look for evidence; to this end, we go to the crime scenes, because there is a good chance that we will find something that will allow us to narrow down a not small group of potential perpetrators. Among them, we can find charismatic personalities, and each of them has a reasonable motive to commit a crime, which we learn about when collecting testimony from them (we have an influence on how the conversation turns out).

In this difficult situation, we need a personal computer and Starlight, an electronic assistant to help us organize the evidence, clues and testimonies in order to prepare a good prosecution. The problem is that the angle under which we gather evidence may lead us to a different conclusion, and thus – to a different accused. So the question is, will we be able to find the real culprit and save the island of Paradise?

Technical issues

Paradise Killer is a title that combines the atmosphere of a paradise island with a vision of the distant future shown in a cartoon style, using both 3D and 2D graphics (in dialogues).

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