NiOh 2: The Complete Edition Download – Full Version PC Game – 3DM Crack

NiOh 2: The Complete Edition

NiOh 2: The Complete Edition – 3DM Cracked

A continuation of soulslike from 2017, developed by the authors of the original – Team Ninja studio. In NiOh 2 we play the role of a half human, half demon, fighting other samurai and mythical, supernatural beings.

NiOh 2: The Complete Edition for free

NiOh 2 is the second installment of the soulslike game series launched in 2017. The authors of the first part of the series, Team Ninja studio, are responsible for creating this production; it is about a band whose portfolio includes such series as Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden. A year after its premiere, Nioh 2: The Complete Edition Crack was released on the market, enriched with three story DLCs. On PlayStation 5, the game is listed as NiOh 2 Remastered: The Complete Edition and offers additional support for 4K resolution or up to 120 FPS.

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NiOh 2 takes us on a journey to the alternative version of Japan from the Sengoku period in the 15th and 16th centuries, known from the first installment of the cycle. In addition to the wars in which the Land of the Rising Sun is plunged, yokai, i.e. demons and monsters taken straight from the local mythology, pose a danger to its inhabitants. The action of the game was set before the events of the previous part of the series, and during the game we play the role of a hero (or heroine) who, as a half human, half yokai, has to face the invasion of creatures from another world.


In NiOh 2 Crack, the developers developed ideas from the previous installment of the cycle, and introduced some completely new solutions. The first of the latter is the character creation preceding the actual gameplay, which includes the choice of gender and wide possibilities of modifying the appearance.

Observing the action from the third person perspective (TPP), during the game we mainly fight with opponents; in addition to other samurai or lesser yokai, powerful bosses stand in our way. The production is characterized by a high level of difficulty, which increases significantly when the demons pull us into the so-called Dark Realm – the place where they come from. Although the opponents are more powerful there, the game is worth the candle, as we get much better rewards for defeating them.

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We eliminate opponents using mainly white weapons; The three combat stance known from the “one” return, i.e. high, medium and low, and during the clashes we have to carefully observe the movements of the enemies, use quick dodges and launch instant counterattacks. An important novelty, however, is the ability to transform into a demon, which makes the hero stronger and more resistant to damage.

As we progress, we gain experience points and advance to the next levels, developing the protagonist’s combat skills; Besides, we are increasing its combat potential by acquiring better and better equipment. In addition, defeated demons leave behind the so-called “Soul Cores”, which are used to expand the range of attacks available to yokai characters.

Game modes

NiOh 2 Torrent allows you to play both alone and in a multiplayer cooperation mode for up to three people. In addition, help can be obtained from companions controlled by artificial intelligence, modeled on the characters of other players.

NiOh 2: The Complete Edition torrent

Technical issues

NiOh 2 Download Free has high-quality three-dimensional graphics. Against the background of the original, the title stands out mainly due to more detailed models of characters and opponents, as well as a more detailed environment.

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