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Against the Moon

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, a production on the border of strategy games, roguelikes and card games. In Against the Moon we lead three heroes to battle, we fight turn-based clashes with opponents and gradually take control over subsequent sectors of the map.

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Against the Moon Download is a genre hybrid, the creators of which were guided by the idea of ​​including all solutions liked by players in one game. As a result, we got a production on the borderline of strategic games, roguelikes and card games. The title was developed by the independent studio Code Heretic and was released by Black Tower.

Against the Moon PC Download


Against the Moon Cracked takes us on a journey to a post-apocalyptic universe in which humanity is on the verge of collapse. The monsters she created known as Furos took control of almost the entire planet; those who survived took refuge in the city of Arx, located in the ancient citadel. Their last hope was Ultori – heroes with superhuman qualities, who are the only ones who have a chance to face the hordes of beasts and free the world from their rule.


In Against the Moon Torrent, the game takes place on a map divided into sectors that we have to capture in order to get the resources necessary to increase the combat potential of the city of Arx. As you can easily guess, our adversaries hinder us in gradually regaining control over the world, and the clashes with them are the pillar of the game.

The skirmishes, during which we observe the action from the side, take place in turn-based mode, in arenas covered with a grid of square fields. We lead a team of three heroes to fight, each of them has unique combat abilities, a dedicated arsenal and a separate set of units that can be summoned to the battlefield. As we progress, we unlock new Ultori and acquire cards that provide us with access not only to more and more powerful skills, but also to new subordinate protagonists. Additionally, each of them can be improved in one of two ways, which significantly extends the range of available tactical possibilities. This is important because with time we face stronger and stronger opponents who use various moves such as teleportation, attacking suddenly or transforming into much more powerful creatures.

Game modes

Against the Moon Crack consists of three variants of the game. The first of them is the story mode that allows us to follow the fate of humanity’s desperate fight to regain control over the world. The second is the roguelike mode, where the gameplay focuses on taking over the next sectors of the procedurally generated map, collecting resources and facing enemies. The list is closed by hunting monsters, which, as the name suggests, consists in fighting more and more powerful enemies.

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