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Mafia: Definitive Edition

Mafia: Definitive Edition / Mafia Remake / Mafia 1 Remake

A remake of the cult production of 2K Czech studio created by the original creators under the banner of Hangar 13. In Mafia: Definitive Edition, we as Tommy Angelo advance in the criminal underworld of the fictional city of Lost Heaven.

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Mafia Remake Cracked is a remake of the iconic 2002 Illusion Softworks gangster game. The Hangar 13 team, composed of the creators of the original, is responsible for refreshing the production. The game was released as a standalone title and part of the Mafia: Trilogy package, which also includes refreshed editions of the next two installments of the series.

Mafia: Definitive Edition Crack


The basic plot assumptions remained unchanged from the original. The action of the game takes place in the fictional American city of Lost Heaven in the last years of the interwar period (1930-1938). The main character is Thomas Angelo, a young taxi driver looking for money even in the most suspicious neighborhoods. However, his latest course led to a clash with an influential family of gangsters. Thomas miraculously manages to reach a restaurant owned by a rival mafia with his customers. This is how the story of the hero’s relationship with the Salieri family begins, which, many years later, will lead Thomas to a police interrogation as a crown witness. We get to know his memories in the form of flashbacks during the conversation with the detective.

Although the authors did not change the basic assumptions of the scenario, there were some modifications. The creators expanded the background of the characters and added cutscenes and dialogues absent in the original cutscenes.


As in terms of the story, the gameplay of Mafia Remake Torrent is essentially faithful to the original production. So we have a vast city like in sandboxes like the Grand Theft Auto series, and we observe the world from behind the hero’s back (TPP view). In addition to the main missions, the game features a lot of side activities within the city of Lost Heaven. Here we have everything that we could expect from a gangster game: protection racket, trafficking in stolen goods and skirmishes with rival gangs. In the meantime, we get to know the story of Thomas Angelo, presented in the form of non-interactive scenes.

The taste of the game is added by the necessity to comply with the rules, especially road traffic. Failure to stop at traffic lights or speeding may provoke the police to award you a ticket. More serious offenses such as walking with a gun or acts of violence will result in greater interest from law enforcement officers, which may result in arrest and even shooting.

What’s new in Mafia Remake Cracked comes down to polishing the gameplay in relation to the original. However, the developers also introduced a handful of additional sequences to diversify the fun.


Unlike the 2 and 3 remasters, Mafia Remake License Key Free was built from scratch on the Illusion Engine. The remake modernizes the look of the locations and characters from the original, but does not change the overall design of the game. The same applies to the soundtrack – the authors re-recorded the songs known from the original with the support of a professional orchestra.


When buying the game, we get a unique outfit and a car in the other games from the Mafia Trilogy package.

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