The Last of Us 2 – Download PC Version – Full Unlocked & Working

The Last of Us 2 – Download PC Version – Full Unlocked & Working

The Last of Us 2 – Download PC Version – Full Unlocked & Working

the last of us part II Download Skidrow

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About Game:

Continuation of the action adventure game Naughty Dog from 2013, which is one of the highest rated titles on PlayStation. The plot of The Last of Us 2 Download continues the threads of the first part, where the epidemic caused by parasitic fungi led to the collapse of civilization.

The Last of Us: Part II is an action adventure game that is a continuation of the hit of 2013. The title takes us to a post-apocalyptic world, destroyed by a deadly epidemic, in which survival requires many sacrifices. The production was developed by the well-known Naughty Dog studio, whose credits include Uncharted and Jak and Daxter series.

the last of us 2 pc version


The game continues the threads started in the first part – its action begins five years later in Jackson Harbor, Wyoming. During the fun we will visit, among others known from the first installment of Jackson and the ruins of Seattle. This time the game has two main heroines – Ellie, the girl who supported the player in The Last of Us and Abby, a new character from the WLF faction. On the screen, however, we will also see Joel, the protagonist of “one” and a lot of new characters belonging to two competing parties – WLF and Scar. The leitmotif of the story is the question “how far would you go to do justice to those who hurt those you love?”


In terms of mechanics, The Last of Us 2 Crack develops ideas from the first part. So we get again an action adventure game in which the camera is located behind the characters (we direct the lonely heroine, although sometimes she is supported by comrades controlled by artificial intelligence). During the game, the player traverses maps with a partially open structure and eliminates enemies. Ellie also learned to swim and dive – many secrets have been hidden behind flooded corridors and we often get wet.

the last of us 2 pc download freeWhile playing there is no shortage of brutal direct confrontations, but often we also have to focus on a stealth approach. In the clashes we use both melee and firearms, but the latter is hindered by the small amount of ammunition found during exploration. However, inflicting wounds has a greater impact on the capabilities of enemies than in The Last of Us 2 Torrent(e.g. by shooting in the leg, we can make it difficult for the opponent to move). As the game progresses, we can also develop the skills of a protagonist. We have five development trees unlocked as the game progresses. We develop, among others shooting precision, reload speed, but also the ability to produce more items using less materials. Abby’s gameplay is different from Ellie’s. Abby is physically more efficient, has different equipment and can develop other skills.

Compared to the first part, the developers have significantly improved the artificial intelligence of their opponents. They are also now using dogs that can sniff Ellie. Therefore, a completely new mechanic has been introduced to the sneaking system – we must consider another factor and look for ways to mask your smell. There is also a new type of infected, called Shambler, which releases toxic gas in close contact, and explodes after death.

Game modes

Unlike the first part, The Last of Us: Part 2 Download Free does not offer multiplayer. The game is limited to an extensive story campaign.

Technical issues

The Last of Us: Part II Cracked has a beautiful, three-dimensional graphic design. The creators have made every effort to ensure that their production presents as realistically as possible – the full potential of the PlayStation 4 console has been fully utilized. We have refined and well-animated characters, sharp textures, reliable terrain geometry and a very convincing lighting system. The weather effects are also impressive. The whole is characterized by attention to detail typical of Naughty Dog games. For example, all enemies in the game – including dogs – have their own names that they call for.


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