Kona – Download Full Game – 3DM Cracked

Kona Crack

Kona – Download Full Game – 3DM Cracked

Kona Download for PC/Windows is a first individual experience amusement advanced with survival components. It is the main real venture of the Québec-based Parabole studio.

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Download Kona

The story in Kona Crack  for PC/Windows starts in the October of 1970. It is the northern piece of the Québec territory, where first indications of winter are recognizable. The story concentrates on a contention between the local neighborhood group of individuals known as Cree, and W. Hamilton, a rich man and the proprietor of the most productive copper mines in the locale. The man is being blamed for obliterating hallowed spots for his own particular benefit. Along these lines no one appear to be astonished when his vacation chalet in the mountains gets crushed. Hamilton acknowledges it”s about time that he stepped up and employs a war veteran and private investigator called Carl Faubert (the hero). In any case, when the analyst touches base to meet Hamilton, he finds that did the business vanish, as well as so happened to the whole nearby group. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, his errand is to get to the base of this case.

Kona Torrent for PC/Windows is a first individual point of view amusement. It blends survival with experience components. Subsequently the gameplay comprises of investigation, confuse fathoming and scanning for fascinating things and pieces of information. The hero is furnished with a camera and a journal. Having assembled adequate measure of confirmation, the player can reproduce past occasions to perceive what had happened.

Aside from doing an examination, it is important to guarantee survival of the hero. The virtual condition is loaded with various dangers, for example, low temperatures, snow squalls or hungry predators. Be that as it may, widely varied vegetation are not by any means the only wellsprings of perils – diverse animals from legends will attempt to execute the hero, for example, Wendigo. Weapons are not really available, generally the player needs to utilize their minds.

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