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Iron Harvest

Iron Harvest 1920+

RTS game set in the unique 1920+ dieselpunk universe of Polish artist Jakub Różalski. Iron Harvest shows an alternative Europe from the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, in which humanity invested the available knowledge and resources in the production of powerful walking machines.

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Iron Harvest is a strategy game set in the dieselpunk universe of 1920+, created by Polish artist Jakub Różalski. The production was developed by the German studio KING Art, which has, among others, the well-received The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 and the adventure game The Raven: Legacy of a Master of Thieves. The publisher of this title is Deep Silver.


The action of Iron Harvest Crack takes place in the 1920+ universe, created by Jakub Różalski. It is an alternative vision of reality in which mechs could be found on the fronts of World War I, and after the end of the global conflict, powerful machines fitted into human everyday life, becoming an integral part of the landscape. Europe was divided between three powers, constantly fighting for influence: the Saxon Empire, the Republic of Polania and the Rusviet, modeled on Germany, Poland and Russia, respectively. While the first of these countries capitulated during the Great War and is now trying to regain its former position, the second, based on agriculture, tries to maintain the status quo at all costs, while at the same time carrying out extensive modernization of the army. The third and largest of them is struggling with internal problems – the strength of Tsar Nikolai is weakening, and Grigori Rasputin, who plans to launch a revolution, is seeking his inheritance.

Iron Harvest Torrent Free

The game tells about an attempt to start another great conflict in Europe, behind which are unknown, mysterious forces. We get to know the plot through three campaigns, separate for each country. In each case, we lead a different hero and his animal companion: Anna and her bear Wojtek, Gunter with wolves named Nacht and Tag, and Olga and a tigress named Changa.


The creators of Iron Harvest Torrent were inspired, among others, by Company of Heroes and Men of War. It is a real-time strategy, in which the emphasis is primarily on tactical military operations – the expansion of the base plays a secondary role here, and the management of units is of key importance (proper position, selection of appropriate targets, etc.).

Several dozen different units are at the player’s disposal – we have both infantry and a wide range of the aforementioned mechs. In addition, each faction has its heroes who give greater strategic opportunities (some of them are also accompanied by animals that help in combat).

An interesting idea is the reserve mechanic – before starting a given mission, we can choose a few reserve units that we can unlock by spending specific resources during the game. This adds additional strategic depth to the production of KING Art – the player is forced to make several important decisions before the start of the actual game.

The game takes place on vast, open maps; the appropriate strategy not only provides for the need to use covers, but also takes into account the fact that the environment is susceptible to destruction – the troops we control must therefore be constantly on the move.

Game modes

Iron Harvest offers three single player campaigns – one per side. In total, the creators have prepared over 20 missions that can be completed both alone and in cooperation (the players then control half the army).

We also have battles with artificial intelligence (which can also be played in cooperation with another person), scenarios with special challenges and a multiplayer mode in which we face other people.

Technical issues

Iron Harvest Download Free has an original design, inspired by the realities of the interwar period. The well-developed, detailed surroundings and models of the units deserve attention.

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