Inertial Drift Download PC Game Full Version + Crack & Torrent

Inertial Drift

A racing game dedicated to the eponymous car discipline. Unlike other production of this type, in Inertial Drift Cracked we control the car with two analog knobs – one is used for turning, while the other allows you to “throw” the rear of the car in a given direction.

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Inertial Drift Torrent is a racing game dedicated to the eponymous car discipline, which consists in taking turns in controlled skidding. The production was developed by the independent Level 91 Entertainment team, and was released by pQube.


In Inertial Drift Download we take part in spectacular one-on-one races. What matters during them is not only who will manage to cross the finish line in the first place, but also in what style we will complete a given track. There are twenty routes (including the city streets illuminated with the glow of neon lights or picturesque mountain roads) are exceptionally winding, which encourages drifting and combining slides into effective and long combinations (consisting of a smooth transition from one slip to another).

Inertial Drift Crack

Unlike other racing games, the car is not controlled with one, but two analog sticks; while the left is responsible for turning, the other one is drifting, “throwing” the rear of the car in a given direction. Despite the fact that the driving model is dexterity, each of the sixteen cars (although they are not licensed, they were modeled on real models) drives slightly differently; additionally, before starting the struggle, we choose one of the drivers with an individual driving style.

Game modes

Inertial Drift Cracked can be played alone or in multiplayer mode on a split screen.

Technical issues

The visuals of Inertial Drift were made in the cel-shading technique. The game is kept in a characteristic, retro-futuristic style.

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