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Gibbon: Beyond the Trees

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees – 3DM-CRACKED

A platformer dealing with the difficult topic of human impact on the natural environment. In Gibbon: Beyond the Trees, we play the role of the title monkey, which moves in the treetops in a characteristic, but at the same time extremely agile and spectacular way.

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees is a platform game dealing with the difficult topic of the impact of human activity on the natural environment. The production was developed by the independent studio Broken Rules – the authors of the warmly received adventure game Old Man’s Journey.

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As the title suggests, in Gibbon: Beyond the Trees Cracked by 3DM we play the role of a gibbon. In the story mode, we get to know the fate of the monkey and its family, which are trying to face the growing threat posed by people and their activities. In the liberation mode, our gibbon runs through the jungle in search of true freedom.

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In Gibbon: Beyond the Trees Download Free, we watch the action from the side. The most important and spectacular element of the game is moving around the environment. Hanging from the branch, the gibbon sways its body and jumps at the right moment. On the way to the destination (most often it is a different branch), the monkey occasionally supports itself with lianas or … the limbs of other primates that travel along with it in the forest. This art is called brachiation, and the developers managed to reflect its nuances well. Thanks to this, after mastering the controls, we can move extremely efficiently, quickly and effectively in the treetops.

In addition to the tropical thicket, while having fun, we visit small settlements and towns built by man. As we progress, we meet more and more people themselves. Here, representatives of our species play the role of enemies who do not hesitate to open fire to the monkeys. In the story mode (for about an hour of fun), the locations are designed by hand, while in the survival mode we travel through the procedurally generated jungle.

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Technical issues

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees Free Torrent can boast of high-quality two-dimensional graphics in a colorful, cartoon style. The realistic and smooth animations of the monkey are also noteworthy.

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