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Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Version for PC

All informations about game:

Refreshed version of the first installment of the Final Fantasy side series. Crystal Chronicles – Remastered Edition offers all the attractions of the original and a handful of news. Players find themselves in a world inhabited by four races, which has been overrun by poison for a thousand years.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles – Remastered Edition is a re-release of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. The original title from 2004 is the first part of the side series of the Final Fantasy series, created for Nintendo devices. Both versions were developed by Square Enix.

Following the convention of the series, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles – Remastered Edition presents its own story, unrelated in any way to other Final Fantasy parts. Players find themselves in a world inhabited by four races, which has been shrouded in the deadly poison called Miasma for a thousand years. The population is able to live only in settlements concentrated around special crystals, blocking the expansion of the poison. However, the power of the crystals is constantly depleted and can only be replenished by harvesting the energy called myrrh, which comes from the trees outside the villages. Therefore, the villagers regularly send caravans to collect myrrhas, equipping expedition members with minor crystals to protect against Miasma. Among the daredevils willing to leave the safe haven there is a group from the Tipa village, and their journey will prove to be the only hope for cleansing the world from Myiasma.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles – Remastered Edition does not change anything about the gameplay mechanics of the original. So it is more arcade production than the classic versions of Final Fantasy. The game is divided into two parts. The first one is exploring the game world, you can find cities, forests and dungeons – in the latter there are trees containing myrrha. During the tour, players may come across various enemies. The fights with them are the second pillars of the game and take place in real time. The victory is determined not only by the character’s statistics and players’ reflexes, but also by the skillful use of the abilities of individual heroes.

The game offers the opportunity to play alone or together with up to three friends in co-op mode.

d1cf8bfd-e344-11ea-a52b-0cc47a345a7a/setup”>Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles PC Download

(updated: 7 hours ago…)

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