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A platform game with adventure elements in which we go to the underworld. Playing the role of a young soul named Ki, during the game we travel through a fairy-tale land full of dangers, trying to regain the lost memories of the heroine.

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Evergate is a platform game enriched with adventure elements, developed by the independent studio Stone Lantern Games. The title, inspired not only by productions like Child of Light, but also by the film The Endless Story, was created thanks to a successful crowdfunding fundraiser on the Kickstarter website.


Evergate Crack 3DM takes players on a journey to the afterlife, where souls shed their past life memories to start new ones. The heart of each of them is fire (Soulflame) – the power that connects them with the Source, which, according to legend, is entrusted to them by the deities ruling this world.

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The main character of the game, a young soul named Ki, decides to regain the memory of past events and unite with her soul mate waiting for her in the depths of the underworld. To do this, he has to traverse the land full of dangers and face numerous dangers.


In Evergate Torrent, the action is shown from the side. In the course of the game we travel through the vast worlds divided into four domains, each of which is ruled by a different deity. There are many Sources on each level – by targeting one of them with the power of the flame in such a way that its ray passes through the nearby crystals, Ki can use their unique properties. This allows her to teleport (swap places with the Source at which she was targeting), create shock waves that allow her to make long jumps, or even destroy obstacles on her way to the source.

This mechanic is based on both the exploration and the puzzles waiting to be solved; there are over a hundred of them here, and they rely on reaching the exit. Within them, players can freely experiment, looking for new solutions or trying to use all available crystals and combine their effects into chain reactions. In this way, clashes with opponents also take place in the form of nightmares plaguing Ki and, much larger than her size, unfavorable deities who rule particular domains of the afterlife.

By regaining his memories, Ki not only unlocks new types of crystals, but also gains access to new locations.

Download Evergate Free

Technical issues

Evergate Download Free has colorful, hand-drawn graphics made in the 2.5D technique. The fun is accompanied by a soundtrack creating a fairy-tale atmosphere.

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