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Nexomon Extinction

Nexomon Extinction Game:

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RPG game inspired by titles from the popular Pokemon series. Moved to a fantastic land, we collect wild creatures in order to train them to fight other nexomons, as well as their trainers. VeWO Interactive is responsible for the development of Nexomon Extinction.

Nexomon Extinction combines the well-known mechanics of catching monsters known from the Pokemon series with interesting graphics and a new plot setting. The game is the second title in the Nexomon series, the release and production of which is the responsibility of VeWO Interactive studio.

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In ancient times, humans and Nexomons were deadly enemies. Led by the cruel monster king Omnicrone, the colorful creatures have set their sights on destroying the human race. The humans would eventually be defeated if it were not for a group of daredevils who decided to outsmart the Nexomons’ ruler. Avoiding detection, they tamed some of the monsters in order to stand side by side with Omnicron and defeat him in the final fight. Thanks to the determination of the people, it was possible to destroy the ruler of the Nexomons, and thus start a long era of peace in the world. For many millennia, people and the monsters lived in harmony until a new threat appeared on the horizon that we must face.


Nexomon Extinction License KeyIn terms of gameplay, Nexomon Extinction does not differ from the previous installment of the series. By directing our protagonist, we explore the world, complete tasks assigned to us by NPCs, and catch and train Nexomons. While traveling through various locations, we have the opportunity to face wild Nexomons as well as other trainers. The fight was carried out in the well-known convention of turn-based clashes. During the skirmish, we can use many types of Nexomons, armed with different skills and using different combat techniques.

In Nexomon Extinction, the mechanics of catching monsters, which are the core of our team, play a huge role. Although at the beginning we have relatively few of them, over time we expand our collection with more and more powerful creatures. Traveling through the world, we can meet over three hundred types of Nexomons, derived from eleven different elements. The system of their evolution and training implemented in the game will make them more and more powerful and magnificent over time.

In each land, in addition to the possibility of meeting creatures associated with it, we also find various items and bonuses that can significantly affect our progress in the game. In addition to additional aids that we can use during the clash with the enemy, we also find special additions that will help our Nexomons evolve faster.

Game modes

Nexomon Extinction offers gameplay only in single player mode.

Technical issues

Despite some similarities to the Pokemon series, the game has its own individual atmosphere, well-suited soundtrack and graphics.

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