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Going Under

A humorous dungeon crawler action RPG in an extraordinary convention. In Going Under, we play the role of an intern who, at the behest of her boss, traverses the ruins of the headquarters of fallen Internet companies in search of valuable items left there.

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Going Under Download Free is a dungeon crawler game maintained in a humorous convection. Aggro Crab is responsible for the production of the title, while Team17 has undertaken the release.

Download Going Under Free


In the world featured in Going Under Cracked, Internet companies that have filed for bankruptcy are literally collapsing underground and their employees are doomed to eternal damnation. We play the role of an intern who, commissioned by her boss, goes to the ruins of fallen enterprises in order to collect valuable raw materials.


In terms of mechanics, Going Under Torrent does not differ significantly from other representatives of the dungeon crawler genre. The player goes to the underground complex, where he fights with the enemies he encounters and looks for valuable items. In the case of this production, opponents are condemned company employees (their bosses play the roles, nomen omen, bosses). The role of weapons is played by office equipment that can be found during exploration, such as laptops or brooms.

Between the tasks, we visit the headquarters of our parent company. Here you can talk to your colleagues and unlock new missions to complete. The character development system was also implemented in the production. During exploration, the player can unlock and develop new abilities.

Game modes

Going Under Download allows you to play only in single player mode.

Technical issues

Going Under was made in a very colorful and exaggerated graphic design. The whole is presented in an isometric view.

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