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Deemo Reborn

The new version of the mobile production entitled Deemo. Deemo Reborn is a music game in which the fun is about pressing certain buttons to the rhythm of the songs played. Unlike the original, the title offers three-dimensional graphics and supports virtual reality.

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Deemo Reborn Crack is an extended and improved version of the Deemo music game, which was released on mobile devices, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation Vita consoles. The Taiwanese studio Rayark is responsible for creating the production, known for other well-rated productions of the genre, i.e. VOEZ and Cytus. The production originally debuted in 2019 on PlayStation 4, while supporting the PlayStation VR virtual reality glasses. The PC version also supports VR goggles and motion controllers, but they aren’t essential to play.

Deemo Reborn Crack


An important element of Deemo Reborn Download for Free is the fairy tale plot of the title. The players assume the role of a little girl who unexpectedly ends up in a mysterious castle. Its only inhabitant is the title Deemo, a friendly creature who plays the piano, whose melody stimulates the magic tree growing in the center of the building. In the course of the game, players explore the castle’s chambers, discovering their secrets and finding new notebooks with notes for Deemo.


Deemo Reborn is a music game, reminiscent of the once famous series Guitar Hero and Rock Band, as well as the already mentioned other Rayark productions. In the original version of Deemo, the fun consists in tapping the screen with your fingers at the right moments, thanks to which we play the selected song. Notes are flying from the top of the screen, which you should hit when they reach the line at the bottom. The new version of the game uses a gamepad or motion controllers to control it. Nevertheless, the general assumptions are similar – the game requires a sense of rhythm and dexterity.

In the exploration mode, we directly control our heroine, observing the action from the perspective of a third person. Players can freely move around the subsequent chambers of the castle unlocked over time. Deemo Reborn Torrent

Technical issues

Unlike the original Deemo, Deemo Reborn is a fully three-dimensional production that allows us to fully immerse ourselves in a fantastic world, taken straight from illustrated books for children. Music in Deemo Reborn License Key consists of various types of instrumental compositions dominated by the piano.

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