Colony Survival – Download

Colony Survival - Download

Colony Survival – Download

Colony Survival Download is a novel first-individual voxel RTS created by a two-man group. Assemble your own particular settlement in a voxel world. Charge protects, ranchers, excavators and different homesteaders. Guard your state against the beasts that assault each night.

Colony Survival – Game Download

Colony Survival - Game Download

Construct your own particular town, palace or city and populate it with pioneers! Let watches, agriculturists, mineworkers, foresters, bread cooks, smelters and craftsmans work for you. After the sun has set, most settlers will go to bed, however the foe stirs. A crowd of beasts will attack your settlement and attempt to butcher you and your villagers. Safeguard your settlement with dividers, channels and protects!

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