Cardpocalypse Download PC Game for Free + Crack

Cardpocalypse Download PC Game for Free + Crack

A singleplayer combination of a card game and an RPG, the main character of which is ten-year-old Jess. The player takes part in duels, making use of cards collected and personally modified during the game. Cardpocalypse only allows you to play alone.

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Cardpocalypse Cracked is a hybrid of a card game and an RPG. The production was developed by the independent studio Gambrinous – the authors of the warmly received Guild of Dungeoneering – and was released by Versus Evil.

Cardpocalypse cracked

The main character of Cardpocalypse Torrent is Jess. Like the rest of the students, the 10-year-old became obsessed with the card game Mega Mutant Power Pets, based on the popular series. Adults who did not like this game decided to ban it, but the children still fight fierce duels away from their eyesight. The situation becomes more complicated when the monsters on the cards begin to infiltrate the real world. Jess and his friends have to face them.

In Cardpocalypse, the action is shown from above. When wandering around school corridors, we must not only avoid nosy teachers, but also make new friends with friendly characters and deal with bullies.

Cardpocalypse for free

The sole part of the game, however, are card battles in which both other students and the monsters take part. To be able to face any opponent, Jess must constantly improve his collection by exchanging cards with colleagues or taking them from defeated enemies. However, this is not the end, as it also has the ability to modify the parameters of individual cards on an ongoing basis by adding stickers, removing uncomfortable fragments or sticking elements detached from other copies. In addition, as he progresses, he can change the rules of the game itself, adapting them to his own preferences.

Cardpocalypse Download PC has simple, two-dimensional graphics in a cartoon, caricature style.

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