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Builder Simulator

Builder Simulator – 3DM-PATCHED [download free]

A simulation game published by PlayWay in which we play the role of a builder. In Builder Simulator, we design, erect and finish various buildings, trying to fit within a limited budget and specified time frames.

Builder Simulator torrent instller is another simulation game in the extensive portfolio of the Polish company PlayWay. As the title suggests, this time we are dealing with a production in which we play the role of a builder. The project was developed by the domestic Live Motion Games team, which has in its portfolio, among others, the warmly received Train Station Renovation.

Builder Simulator free


In Builder Simulator cracked, we observe the action from the perspective of the first (FPP) or third (TPP) person. The game allows us to design, build and finish various structures – from houses, through shops, to industrial facilities. While on the easy level of difficulty, the program guides us “by the hand” step by step explaining the intricacies of a builder’s work, while at the highest level, we must demonstrate appropriate knowledge and skills.

When erecting buildings, you need to be familiar with various things, from the use of specialized tools, through ordering appropriate materials (such as bricks), to creating your own building materials (such as concrete, which requires mixing water and cement in the right proportions). Putting the walls and covering the building with a roof is only a partial success. It is on our shoulders to finish such a structure, and thus – insert windows, create an electrical and sanitary installation, paint the walls and finally lay the floors. At the same time, one should bear in mind the necessity to stay within a specific time frame and a limited budget.

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Technical issues

Builder Simulator has eye-catching visuals.

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