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Bang-On Balls: Chronicles

Bang-On Balls: Chronicles – Game Download PC Full Version

A 3D platformer utilizing images from the alleged Countryballs. In Bang-On Balls: Chronicles we travel through broad stages motivated by various verifiable periods and defeat different difficulties, staying away from traps, bouncing among stages and battling foes.

Bang-On Balls: Chronicles is a 3D platformer created by the free Warsaw-based Exit Plan Games studio. The production draws small bunches from the highest point of the class, for example, the Sonic or Super Mario arrangement. In addition, the wellspring of inspiration for the makers were images in which there are balls shaded in national tones called Countryballs; these photos entertainingly portray generalizations about singular nations and their shared relations.

Bang-On Balls: Chronicles [PC]

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Download Bang-On Balls: Chronicles for Free


In Bang-On Balls: Chronicles Crack the action is appeared from the third person viewpoint (TPP). We start the game by making our Countryball, which we can shading as indicated by our desires. At that point there is nothing else to do except for start the real game and move to one of the stages motivated by various authentic periods, including the Viking time, primitive Japan, the Wild West or the Cold War, and the then inestimable weapons contest.

We can unreservedly cross the immense levels. Every one of them is brimming with different assignments and difficulties to finish, yet additionally holding back to discover fortunes and things or bits of gear for our ball, like weapons, shields or headgear. In any case, to get to them, on the manner in which we need to stay away from various snares, hop over inclines, and face swarms of foes with whom we battle dynamic conflicts.

Bang-On Balls: Chronicles Cracked

Game modes

Bang-On Balls: Chronicles Download Full Version permits you to play alone or in a helpful mode for up to four individuals.

Specialized issues

Bang-On Balls: Chronicles Torrent has eye-getting illustrations. The sheets are loaded with destructible articles; nothing keeps you from thumping down trees, obliterating wooden blockades or turning wooden furnishings and different components of stylistic theme to clean.

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