Backbone Download PC Game for Free + Crack & Torrent


Backbone Download PC Game for Free + Crack & Torrent

A 2D adventure game with stealth elements in a noir style, in which we find ourselves in Vancouver inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. While playing Backbone Free, we play the role of Howard Lotor’s shed, a private detective who undertakes various assignments.

Backbone Cracked is an adventure game enriched with elements taken from stealth and action games. The production was developed by an independent studio EggNut, and was released, among others, on the PS4, XONE, etc. platform. Its creation was possible thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

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Backbone Download takes us on a journey to an alternative, retrofuturistic world dominated by anthropomorphic animals; society has been divided into strata, and the rule of a hard hand is exercised by monkeys. The story told in the game focuses on issues such as power, social corruption and racial discrimination. During the game we play the role of Howard Lotor’s shed – a private detective revealing the dark backstage of the city of Vancouver, which is surrounded by a high wall that makes it impossible to leave its borders (which, however, is not an obstacle for smugglers). The protagonist’s relatively quiet life is disrupted when he comes into possession of technology capable of disturbing the established order.

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In the PS4, XONE, etc. Backbone Torrent, we observe the action from the side. During the game, we carry out various orders. The game does not lead us by the hand, giving us freedom in terms of how we will solve a given case. In the course of the struggle, we traverse the gloomy streets of Vancouver, collect evidence, interview witnesses to extract useful information, and solve environmental riddles. From time to time, we also have to sneak into closely guarded places, run away from the adversaries chasing us, or at least follow selected targets; Unlike most stealth games, in order not to be noticed, we must not only hide in the shadows, but also mask our smell, for example by entering the garbage can. Lotor also has a so-called Artifact, an ancient invention that grants the raccoon special abilities; with its help, he can, for example, form a bear’s paw that attacks his opponents.

Technical issues

Backbone Crack has pixelart graphics, but thanks to the use of the Unreal Engine, the developers have managed to enrich it with modern effects such as dynamic lighting. It is noteworthy that the authors have moved to the game the most characteristic places known from modern Vancouver. During the game, we are accompanied by an atmospheric soundtrack composed by Nikita Danshin, combining elements of jazz and electronic music.

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